Where is Notepad in Windows 10 Like A Pro!

Notepad in windows 10: If you are intending to create HTML to style a web site or need to edit the HTML code and then certainly you don’t will want to look for your software via the internet to complete the job.

notepad in windows 10You can easily use Windows 10 Notepad that is simple text editor used with coders to edit HTML.

It’s very easily to create HTML code in Notepad (Windows 10) and when you learn how it it is possible to proceed to advance text editors.

If you use Windows 10 and still have little idea where is Notepad in windows 10, than the article will show you alternative methods which you can use to get Notepad on Windows 10.

1. How to Find notepad using Start Menu

Notepad is listed within the programs option of the Start menu by default. So, Notepad are available in the programs list of the Start menu. It is possible to keep to the steps provided below in Windows 10 to get Notepad

  • Click – Start
  • Go to your folder – Windows Accessories
  • Open the folder and look for – Notepad

2. How to find Notepad using File explorer

You may use File explorer to get Notepad by running notepad.exe with your File Explorer. You can get Notepad placement in Windows 10 by using the instructions given below:

  • This PC -> OS (C:) -> Windows
  • Top open app, click – notepad.exe

Should you be not able to search – notepad.exe, just enter – “notepad” in File explorer’s search bar to locate it

3. How to find Notepad immediately by creating fresh text document

If you need to know Notepad instantly, you can search this out

  • Right click in the vacant space on desktop
  • Select – New-Text document
  • The Notepad window will instantly come in front from you

4. Search for Notepad in Windows 10

So that you know capable of locate Notepad from the Start menu’s program list, search the app by searching for it from the search bar for Windows

  • Click – Search
  • Type -in: Notepad
  • Press Enter.
  • From the given search result choose – Notepad and then click it

5. How to find Notepad via Run window

The Notepad are available in Windows 10 via Run window

To get it using run window do as instructed as mentioned below

  • Press – Win key+R along from the keyboard and next expand – Run window
  • Type – Notepad
  • Press – Enter
  • You can easily start to see the Notepad application

6. Use command prompt to start Notepad

Notepad is quickly traceable by using Command Prompt this is learn how to get it done

  • Press – Win+R to expand- Run window
  • Type – cmd
  • Press – Enter to start – Command Prompt
  • Type – notepad.exe

Another techniques that will help you get Notepad easily are

1. Pin Notepad in your Taskbar

When you are the type of you require Notepad often then its always easier to pin it to your taskbar that makes it simple for you to start it instantly. It is possible to pin it to your taskbar when using the offered steps

  • Expand – Notepad Window
  • Right-click on the Window
  • Choose – Pin to Taskbar

2. Creating shortcut for Notepad on your desktop

Whenever you create a shortcut to the Notepad on your desktop, it is simple to access it at any given time.

For Windows 10 users it is easy to create shortcuts for your apps that you apply frequently. You are able to drag it from the start menu on your desktop.

  • Click on -Start menu
  • Find – Notepad in the list of programs
  • Now you have to drag Notepad for your desktop. Here you can view a shortcut being created for Notepad

3. Get help from Cortana to open Notepad

A good thing for Windows 10 users would be to seek the help of Cortana- virtual assistant. You have to be sure you have Cortana enabled in your system (Windows 10),

This will help ask Cortana to show Notepad

When you enable cortana (say – Hey cortana) or click/tap microphone button seen in search location

Now say – “Open Notepad”

Cortana will execute your command

After the command is executed Cortana shows the next message

“Opening Notepad”

Search of a methods can help you find and access Notepad easily

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