How to Use Remote Desktop to Connect to a Windows 10 PC

How to use remote desktop to connect to a windows 10 pc is one of windows user problems. The Use of Remote Desktop Connections App in Windows 10 is actually simple and easy. They have additional methods, which can appear like a good process, but it’s an easy and quick process to allow Remote Desktop Connection.

How to Use Remote Desktop to Connect to a Windows 10 PC

Remote Desktop Windows 10

An Overview

The Remote Desktop Connection feature provided in Windows Os is interesting. With all the feature, it is possible to connect the computers with the same LAN connection and have an open IP address. It is easy to connect and control the computers to your friends and the other. For many people, Remote Desktops can also known as Remote Desktop Protocol. Microsoft develops the protocol to connect with another computer using a Graphical User Interface (GUI). You can find two most important element about the RDP Protocol. Which is the client side and also the server side. Your client side helpful to connect with another PC. In comparison, the server side will be the computer which is remote. Client side is varied from Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS, iOS, and also other Operating System. Quite simply, it is possible to remote control your Windows 10 PC / Computers using different devices just like Macbook, iOS and even Android Mobile Phone.


One which just work with the Remote Desktop Connections, you can find some step you need to do. Try this prerequisite to the target remote device. Listed below are some prerequisites you need to do.

Enable the Remote Access on your computer which is remote

Step one to get ready a remote desktop connection is changing this remote desktop allowance settings. Enable the Remote Access is needed as a result of default settings of RDP is disabled for security reasons. You have to switch the settings enabling the Remote Access. Keep to the steps below allowing a remote desktop connection:

  • Press Windows + R command to the keyboard. You may also use Search Box Windows.
  • Sort Control Panel to the box and click Enter. Control Panel
  • To the Control Panel Windows Select System and Security. System and Security
  • Visit System Menu, and then click Allow remote access. Allow Remote Access Settings
  • You will find a pop-up window, select the remote tab.
  • To the remote desktop section, tick on Allow Remote Connection to that computer. Change Remote Desktop Settings

Get the target IP Adress / Computer Name

The next Prerequisites will be the Local IP Adress (LAN) or Public IP Address (Internet) or Computer Name. The prospective IP Address or computer name is required from the protocol. When you are to the Local Area Network (LAN) get the local IP Adress or computer name to your target computer. The use of the internet to work with remote desktop 10, you need to have the Public IP Address to your target computer. You can also work with the Virtual Private Network to connect with your remote network and apply the Local IP Address. Keep to the steps below to find the IP Address to your target remote computers.

  • Press Windows + R command to the keyboard. You may also use Search Box Windows.
  • Type cmd to the box and click Enter. Command Prompt
  • There will probably pop-up command prompt windows.
  • Type ipconfig to the command prompt and click Enter. ipconfig command
  • Your IP Address is to the Ethernet Adapter, and also on the IPV4 Address info. Types on the notepad or some other text editor to consider. IP Address

Target Credentials include Username and Password

Target credentials will be the most significant things in remote desktop. Just like you don’t hold the credentials this means you don’t get the target computers. For those who have access to the remote target, keep to the steps below to have the username.

  • Press Windows + R command to the keyboard. You may also use Search Box Windows.
  • Sort Control Panel to the box and click Enter.
  • With the Control Panel Menu select User Accounts. User Accounts
  • And then select Add or remove user accounts.
  • You will find a set of Windows users, you need to get one from the credentials. Keep in mind the username and passwords to your credentials. User Lists

How to Use Remote Desktop to Connect to a Windows 10 pc

Once you perform the prerequisites, it’s time for it to connect to the target computer. This can be done to the Local Area Network (LAN) a lot more on the internet. This can be achieved remote desktop connection using a several device just like windows PC, laptop and even Android device. Here is the step by step guide on how to use remote desktop to connect to a windows 10 pc.

  1. Open the Remote Desktop App when using the Search Menu, and sort Remote Desktop Connection. Open Remote Desktop Connection
  2. You may also open the remote desktop connection by Select the Start Menu, scroll right down to Windows Accessories, and then click Remote Desktop Connection.
  3. The 3rd solution to open Remote Desktop is actually press Windows + R, type mstsc and click enter. mstsc command
  4. From the Remote Desktop Connection app window, add some IP Address from the computer that you need to connect. Enter in the IP address and then click “Connect“. Work with the IP Address to the prerequisites step above. Remote Desktop Windows
  5. Now, you’ll have to enter in the desired Username and Password to initiate the connection using one more computer. Enter in the details and Proceed further.
  6. In the method, if you notice any Pop-up windows with Security Certificate error, select “Connect Anyway“.
  7. Right now, you’re connected to target computer with Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10.

Learn how to Disconnect Remote Desktop Connection

If you’ve done your work using another computer, you may quickly switch off the connection around computers. To get this done, please click to the “close” windows button and the Red button with “X” on the top right side from the “Remote Desktop Connection” app window. Your connection to the computers can get disconnected immediately.

Additional Tips

  • Disable Sleep Mode on computers:

Before you start a remote connection, you need to disable the Sleep mode from the computer. To begin this, you may experience Control Panel -> Hardware and Sounds -> Power Options and then click the advance Plan Settings, that is close to your best power plan. Now, alter the “Put the computer to sleep” to Never and then click “Save“. You’ve to begin this method on all of the computers you would like to connect.

  • Keep alternatives ready:

An advanced beginner during these things, then you need to make use of another Remote Desktop Connection app as a replacement. If something fails with “Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10“, you may use alternative software to complete your projects. The type of popular software program is “TeamViewer

Video Tutorial


So, it’s a wrap-up in time this guide on How to use Remote Desktop Connection app in Windows 10. The feature will come in all versions of Windows, which may give you full having access to other computers.

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