How to Find Wifi Password on Windows 10

Finding all your WiFi passwords save on Windows 10

If you happen to need to find wifi password Windows 10, that can be done with your easy methods

Sometimes you will need the Wi-Fi password entered long back on your Windows 10 PC. The issues may differ as reasons why require the password. For instance if you need to make use of Wi-Fi on another device. Finding your Wi-Fi connection password on Windows 10 is simple and you will keep to the easy steps to see your own Wi-Fi password.

Finding wifi password using control panel

  1. Go to Control Panel – Network and Internet- Network and Sharing Center
  2. Click on – Your own Wi-Fi Connection
  3. Click on – Properties to see the properties of Wi-Fi network
  4. Go to Security Tab – Select Show Characters to reveal the present Wi-Fi password. Find Wifi Password on Windows 10

Finding wifi password using Windows Commands

To look at all of your Wi-Fi passwords, you will require running certain commands with your command prompt.

  1. Open -> Command prompt
  2. Run the command -> netsh wlan show profiles to show your entire Wi-Fi passwords available on your computer.
  3. In order to disclose the Wi-Fi password run the next command

netsh wlan show profile name = Wi-FiconnectionName key=clear

wifi password with command prompt

You may switch the Wi-FiconnectionName with Wi-Fi SSID that you get after running this command.

Slightly Difficult Method

If you learn while using Windows command line a little difficult you may also work with software from the various resource to retrieve your Wi-Fi passwords saved on Windows 10. You can easily install any software and run a similar and here you don’t need any configuration.

When you get the in-built types of retrieving passwords in Windows 10 are great, but suppose you need to expose your password for the network that you’re not connected with?

In these cases you need help from some alternative software. Use a few them like Wi-Fi Password Revealer, Magical Jelly Bean’s etc. Password revealer is completely free and quite simple to run and this will display anything you wish to reveal of your Wi-Fi networks running on your computer. It may seem bit tricky as you want to get extra careful while installing because it finnishes downloading additional programs too. To prevent such situations, be sure you read every instruction which is shown on every single screen cautiously and go slow while downloading this software.

If you happen to run into the offerings on the company you can just uncheck the respective box to proceed with normal installation.

Once you install this program it can start automatically without suggesting that you locate it from the location on your computer. You will then be ready to notice a window that includes a set of Wi-Fi network available on your pc with respective passwords. It is simple to see the list and ensure you find out if your Wi-Fi network shows up beneath the SSID column and passwords within the password line.

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