How to Enable Remote Desktop

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Learn how to enable remote desktop in the simple way. Remote desktop is really a built-in windows app. This app enables you to connect with another windows computer. All you need to do is have the target IP Address and Credentials. Search for about how to use remote desktop to connect to a windows 10 pc. Some windows user facing problems if you use remote desktop. They can use remote desktop to control other windows computers. This problem is quite commons and lots of windows users see how to fix it.

The commons problems are since the Remote Desktop Protocol is placed on disable. Automatically Windows OS disable the remote desktop connection for that security reasons. The solutions are enabling remote desktop in your computers. Change Remote Desktop Settings

How to Enable Remote Desktop

Enable remote desktop in Windows OS is quite simple. It is possible in several solutions, in the easy to a long solutions. This is the simple solution to enable remote desktop:

  1. Press Windows + R key in your keyboard
  2. Sort control panel and press enter
  3. Press on System and Security menu.
  4. On the System Menu, select allow remote access url links.
  5. Right now there will a new window pop
  6. Click on to the Remote tab
  7. Move down, for the Remote Desktop Location, check on Allow remote connection to this computer.
  8. Click on to the Apply button.

Which is the easiest solution about how to enable remote desktop on windows computers. And also the great news is the solution will work in different version of windows. What ever your version of your windows, this process will work. With the old version for example XP for the latest version Windows 10. For security reasons, set this setting back in disable. Specifically if you don’t use a want to control your computer remotely later on. Comments below when you possess problems on how to use the remote desktop connection on your Windows computers.

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