Download Windows 10 Lite V7.2 (Better Privacy) for Free

Windows 10 Lite as Windows 10 original setup file’s assistant tool specifically created for Windows gamers, power users or managers. So that you can reasonably lite the Windows 10 setup file downloaded from Microsoft official site, in order to make Windows 10 run considerably faster even on older computers. Download Windows 10 LiteYou have to know, whenever you remove MS Edge you will see IE11. You need to hide Search from TaskBar should you remove MS Cortana since it is without function. You’ll be able to use search in File Explorer normally. And you’ve got to install Classic Start Menu because without Cortana the Explorer Start Menu won’t work. To set up only Classic Start Menu start setup with command line parameters: ADDLOCAL=ClassicStartMenu -> Tell you setup until Cortana show up. Now press Shift F10 -> Run the script.


  • Removes Windows and System Apps (Cortana, MS Edge…)
  • Integrated privacy and shit script
  • Integrated Black Viper’s service configuration
  • Disable unnecessary scheduled tasks because of privacy and undisturbed workflow
  • Privacy optimizations
  • Remove unnecessary file types and file associations (for security reasons)
  • Windows Defender Malware Killer