Check the Remote Desktop Client Version

Check the RDP Client Version: There are several problems with all the remote desktop client. For example tiny display on the remote desktop session. It’s annoying once the problems appear in a crucial time. Once we look for a answer, we must learn what version is our remote desktop client version. When we be aware of type of our RDP Client, it’s simpler to find the answer. As a result of many knowledgebases or troubleshooter site require exact type of our RDP client. There are many knowledgebases site like Microsoft Support Site. You may also look up a troubleshooter site like StackOverflow or superuser.

Here is the specific help guide to test what type of Remote Desktop you will be working with:

  1. Start Run windows by pressing Windows key+R. Command Prompt
  2. On looking box Sort “mstsc” and click on OK.
  3. Click on your computer icon from the top-left corner after which choose About.
  4. There will some good info display on this windows.
  5. On the bottom of windows you have the Remote Desktop Protocol X.X supported.

This is the solution to look at the type of the remote desktop client in your windows computers. When you have any problems on checking your RDP Client version just comments below. I will change it immediately. If you wish to learn about a remote desktop connection program continue reading How to use remote desktop to connect to a windows 10 pc.

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